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Spa is the abbreviation of the Greek sentence Salus Per Aquam, which means that water is a relaxing, beauty and curative treatment.

PSo we can enjoy the spa fully it is necessary that we forget the rush and problems and that we leave our minds and bodies for a while. This is something that cannot be achieved easily, but at Parellada Apartment we leave everything at your disposal so you achieve total relaxation during your stay. In order to do so, we have incorporated to the treatment area a spa, a steam bath with hydrotherapy and a Scottish shower. The space is a dark room designed in a Zen style, only lightened with cobalt blue LEDs, the most relaxing color of chromotherapy so you can detoxify easier your body and mind. The spa has a bench so you can take the steam bath peacefully and using the aromatherapy treatment if you wish. The jets of the Scottish shower have the temperature and the pressure programmed according to different levels. In addition, it also includes a rain sensation shower with a fixed thermostat.

As it is an unabridged renting the space is of exclusive use and cannot be shared. We have bathrobes and slippers service and we also offer an extra service of massages and wine therapy. The massages and wine therapy are available on Saturdays only booked in advance.

The schedule of the steam bath is from 9am. to 9pm.

The hydrotherapy has not fixed hours. /p>


The bath of steam provides more humidity (95%) and less temperature (50º) than the Finnish sauna. It produces a balanced hydration of the pores of the skin, deleting toxins and impurities. It also cleans the epidermis in depth, freeing it of toxins like heavy metals, sodium, cholesterol, greases, nicotine and alcohol. Thanks to it the pores dilate and clean the waste leaving a purified, soft and luminous skin from top to toe. In addition to that, the steam bath gives the skin a better tone and elasticity and it also fights off orange peel. As it leaves a smooth skin is the perfect moment to do an body exfoliation.

The respiratory system is also humidified and hydrated, producing an expectorant effect that is beneficial for respiratory diseases like sinusitis, cough or colds. At the same time, the cardiorespiratory system increases its capacity of exchanging oxygen and ventilation, favoring the circulation and improving the metabolism.

The steam bath has some extraordinary relaxing capacities and it is known for its curative powers. Its high temperature causes a decrease of the sensory impulse that goes from the skin to the brain, relieving muscular and overall stresses.

“We recommend not extending the sessions during more than 20 minutes per day”.

“It is not recommended for people with heart conditions, neurological diseases or epilepsy”.


The aromatherapy uses concentrated vegetal oils to harmonise physical and emotional health. These essential oils can be inhaled or applied on the skin during the steam bath. For instance, eucalyptus oil of works positively on respiratory conditions.


The hydrotherapy jets have programmed sequences that alternate soft thermal changes. These different levels work on the skin tissue and help activate circulation, relieving tension and muscular pain. It also reduces the levels of anxiety and of stress giving you a pleasant feeling of peace. Its properties will regenerate and tone up your organism.

“It is not recommend to extend the sessions of hydro therapy during more than 20 minutes since it can cause a descent of the blood pressure”.


Massages have some powerful curative and de-stress effects. In addition, they help stimulate circulatory system and they can work into the muscle tissues. The different kind of massage techniques will help you maintain a much healthier physical and mental state.

All the wellness treatments at Parellada Apartment are done by highly trained therapists.

Back massage: therapeutic and relaxing treatment to restore the balance to the muscular-skeletal system.Legs and feet massage: actives circulation and offers deep relaxation relieving tension. Reflexology massage: foot treatment to repair different disorders. 45 min – 35 €. Full Body Massage: an energizing and circulation-boosting treatment before a tension-relieving massage. Energetic-Reiki Massage: a treatment based on the powerful transmission of energy to achieve total relaxation and calm nerves and anxieties. 60 min – 50 €. De-stress massage: complete treatment to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit using the entire body. 90 min – 60 €.


The wine therapy at Parellada Apartment consists of two different treatments. A skin peeling made with grape essence that will draw out any impurities and dead cells. It will leave your skin noticeably cleansed and toned. This treatment is very appropriate after a steam bath. The second treatment is a relaxing massage made using grape creams to release your tensions. We recommend having a shower after the exfoliation and before the massage. Both treatments are 45 min – 40 €.